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Hacking with Swift Newsletter: November 2022


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Great job Paul on the books, and lifetime book update plan! Your material makes it easy to learn from.

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Many thanks for you work Paul 🫶 The French community would like to hear you one day at the French iOS named CocoaHeads animated by Greg Lhotellier 🤞

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Hi Paul, you make great video tutorials and love your books. I have two books 1: Pro Swift Book and Videos and 2: Swift UI by example Complete reference guide. They are stored in my Apple Books app. How can I update those to the latest versions?

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Hi Paul, i've been following your videos for the last year - big help. I have a question related to synchronizing sounds to motion. My app requires a "tick" to be synchronized to the gyro timer. Is there a method to improve the synch between scheduled tasks (the gyro update is on a 10 ms timer) and triggering a sound recording (very short "tick")

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