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Hacking with Swift Newsletter: February 2022


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Thanks Paul for all you do! đź‘Ť

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Hi Paul—the SwiftUI Canvas videos (Special Effects & Starry Sky) are really fun! I don't know if you take requests—but I'd love to see a walk through of recreating the confetti effect from Messages. I feel like that's a fun app-recreate idea that could be applied in a range of different apps. Thanks for updating the 100 Days of SwiftUI. I'm about to go through them again, this time with my son. I'm excited to see that you are adding macOS content in your livestream of Plus—especially since building cross platform apps was my main draw to learning Swift. Any updates on what you'll tackle next? Maybe some cross platform stuff for the Portfolio App? It would be cool to get our projects showing up on Apple Watch—maybe even in a complication!

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