Swift in Sixty Seconds

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Want to get started with Swift, but find yourself short on time? This is the course for you.

  • Watch videos: Learn Swift in 98 one-minute videos, each teaching one concept with no waffle – and all written for Swift 5.0.
  • Read along: If you prefer to read, or if you just want to go over the notes while you're watching, all videos have accompanying text.
  • 60 seconds or less: All videos last 60 seconds or less: there's no repetition, no time wasting, and no "hey guys what's up it's me again".

What's in the course?

Start Here

  • Introduction

Simple types

  • Variables
  • Strings and integers
  • Multi-line strings
  • Doubles and booleans
  • String interpolation
  • Constants
  • Type annotations
  • Simple types: Summary

Complex types

  • Arrays
  • Sets
  • Tuples
  • Arrays vs sets vs tuples
  • Dictionaries
  • Dictionary default values
  • Enumerations
  • Enum associated values
  • Enum raw values
  • Complex types: Summary

Operators and conditions

  • Arithmetic Operators
  • Operator overloading
  • Compound assignment operators
  • Comparison operators
  • Conditions
  • Combining operators
  • The ternary operator
  • Switch statements
  • Range operators
  • Operators and conditions summary


  • For loops
  • While loops
  • Repeat loops
  • Exiting loops
  • Exiting multiple loops
  • Skipping items
  • Infinite loops
  • Looping summary


  • Writing functions
  • Accepting parameters
  • Returning values
  • Parameter labels
  • Omitting parameter labels
  • Default parameters
  • Variadic functions
  • Writing throwing functions
  • Running throwing functions
  • inout parameters
  • Functions summary


  • Creating basic closures
  • Accepting parameters
  • Returning values
  • Closures as parameters
  • Trailing closure syntax
  • Using closures as parameters when they accept parameters
  • Using closures as parameters when they return values
  • Shorthand parameter names
  • Closures with multiple parameters
  • Returning closures from functions
  • Capturing values
  • Closures summary


  • Creating your own structs
  • Computed properties
  • Property observers
  • Methods
  • Mutating methods
  • Properties and methods of strings
  • Properties and methods of arrays
  • Initializers
  • Referring to the current instance
  • Lazy properties
  • Static properties and methods
  • Access control
  • Structs summary


  • Creating your own classes
  • Class inheritance
  • Overriding methods
  • Final classes
  • Copying objects
  • Deinitializers
  • Mutability
  • Classes summary

Protocols and extensions

  • Protocols
  • Protocol inheritance
  • Extensions
  • Protocol extensions
  • Protocol-oriented programming
  • Protocols and extensions summary


  • Handling missing data
  • Unwrapping optionals
  • Unwrapping with guard
  • Force unwrapping
  • Implicitly unwrapped optionals
  • Nil coalescing
  • Optional chaining
  • Optional try
  • Failable initializers
  • Typecasting
  • Optionals summary


  • Where now?

Who is this for?

This is aimed at people who want to learn Swift quickly. That might be someone who just wants a broad overview, it might be someone who prefers a "just the facts" approach to learn, or someone who can already code in other languages.

What if this is too fast for me?

You should read Hacking with Swift – it has a much slower, more thorough introduction to Swift.

Will this teach me iOS programming?

No. This focuses specifically on the Swift language. If you want to learn Swift you should read Hacking with Swift.

Do all videos really last sixty seconds or less?

Yes! Even the more advanced ones.

Is the online edition the same?

Yes – you can read Swift in Sixty Seconds online at this link if you want. This download edition contains the same content, albeit in download form so you can watch whenever and wherever you want.

The Hacking with Swift guarantee

We want everyone to be happy with all the Hacking with Swift courses they buy, both now and in the future, which is why all our books come with free lifetime Swift updates and free bonus content with our Frequent Flyer Club, and we also encourage folks to join our Slack community to help solve problems.

However, if you aren't happy with a course you bought from us, we offer a 30-day No Questions Asked refund policy. This applies to all books and video courses purchased through Gumroad, which is our primary distributor. So, if you aren't happy with your purchase, if you changed your mind, or if you just bought the wrong thing by accident, we can refund your purchase up to 30 days after it was made.

Who can I ask if I have questions?

You're welcome to tweet me @twostraws.

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Swift in Sixty Seconds

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