Advanced iOS: Volume Two

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INCLUDES FREE UPDATES FOR SWIFT 6 AND BEYOND! Click here for full details. iOS gives us a whole range of powerful new tools for you to build intelligent apps, and this book helps you get started with them as quickly as possible: Core ML, Vision, ARKit, and more.

Machine Learning: Take advantage of Core ML to deliver intelligent new apps that can proactively assist your users.

ARKit: Learn how to augment reality with slick interactive graphics thanks to Apple's new ARKit framework.

Drag & Drop: Let users move data freely inside your app and others too using powerful new multi-touch gestures.

Plus: NFC reading, PDFKit, Vision, MusicKit, and more!

What's in the book

Advanced iOS: Volume Two includes seven new projects that teach some of the most powerful features in iOS, plus technique projects that deep-dive into smaller features:

  • Project 1: Trade my Tesla Teach iOS how to evaluate the trade-in price of cars using machine learning.
  • Project 2: Sightspotter Blend augmented reality with Core Location to help tourists find their way around a city.
  • Project 3: Going Postal Create fun postcards using images, text, and colors, all powered by iOS's new drag and drop APIs.
  • Project 4: Swift Sampler Learn to render PDFs with watermarks and interactive thumbnails, all using PDFKit.
  • Project 5: Picture Protector Build an app that detects faces in photos and lets users interactively blur any they want.
  • Project 6: Name that Tune Use MusicKit to fetch data from Apple Music and build a fast-paced two-player charts game.
  • Project 7: Video X-Ray Let users record a video while the Vision framework silently detects and records all objects in the scene.

Along the way you'll learn all this and more:

  • How to use Core ML and the Vision framework to leverage machine learning in your own apps.
  • Building both games and apps from scratch using ARKit's augmented reality technology.
  • How to integrate drag and drop into your apps using table views, collection views, and more
  • The all-new PDFKit framework, delivering fast and efficient PDF rendering on iOS.
  • Using the new depth-mapping APIs exposed through the iPhone camera.
  • Automatically detecting and blurring faces using the Vision framework.
  • Reading NFC tags using Core NFC.
  • Taking advantage of the new MusicKit APIs to work with Apple Music.
  • And more!

If you want to take advantage of some of the most advanced functionality provided in iOS, there's no faster way than the Advanced iOS series.

Please note: This book will not teach you Swift. You should already have completed Hacking with Swift or Pro Swift, or have written your own existing Swift apps.

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You can download the complete table of contents for this book here, or a 24-page sample PDF here.

What format is the book in?

You get PDF, ePub, Mobi, and HTML, all with no DRM attached.

Will this book teach me Swift?

No. You're looking for Hacking with Swift:

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Advanced iOS: Volume Two

41 ratings
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